Marcus Kowal

Trainer Bio

Marcus Kowal, founder and owner of Systems Training Center, based in Los Angeles, has been on a mission to spread the message and importance of self-defense. When he took over Systems Training Center, it was a small fight gym with about 25 members, most of whom were fighters. Marcus came in and gave the gym a facelift and a new spirit. He brought his wealth of knowledge of business and martial arts and created not just a gym but a home away from home for many.

The Systems Training Center headquarters in Hawthorne, California, now has over 400 members who train in Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Crossfit, HIIT Fitness classes, MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, and yoga.

Krav Maga has been an integral part of Marcus’ life for the past 14 years. Marcus received his black belt in 2007 under Darren Levine, who trained directly under Imi Lichtenfield, the creator and founder of Krav Maga. As a second generation black belt, Marcus continued to feverishly train, expanding his knowledge and teaching. In 2013, he received his second degree black belt. Marcus is also a decorated MMA fighter, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor and has a black belt in kickboxing.

For the past few years, Marcus has been on a mission to find a way to expand his reach beyond just the local arena. He has been trying to bring Krav Maga to your home at a cost effective price. The practicality, effectiveness, and simplicity of Krav Maga is unparalleled to other self-defense systems.